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Dragados Flatiron Joint Venture




We will strive to not only meet our commitments to client, partner, vendors, government bodies, and colleagues, but also to distinguish ourselves through our work product, competency, reliability, and professional demeanor.


We will make social responsibility, accountability, respect for the law, economy, environment, and society an integral part of our business activities and relationships while creating value for our clients and communities in which we work.



We will always strive for the highest standards of ethics, honesty, truthfulness, reliability, and fairness in every aspect of our work and in all of our business relationships.



We will respect the cultures, backgrounds, ideas and opinions of others, and promote an organizational imperative of dignity, respect, inclusion, and opportunity.



We will make every effort to ensure that our workmanship, construction practices, and services are the best in the industry through continuous improvements in quality, safety, innovation, and reliability standards.

Dragados Flatiron Joint Venture Employer of the Year Award
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